In every long term relationship…

You are moving in either one of two directions…

Down one road, you aim to get along, do the right things and avoid arguments.

You subconsciously become like each other. You as a couple, become more and more similar.

If you are successful, you become best of friends.
But there is a price to pay to come down this road… as there always is.
Eventually you become numb to the passion.
And if you don’t turn around now, you and your lover will eventually become dead inside.

My Dearest Lover and Best Friend

You have another choice though.

Down the second road… you get to keep the passion. You get to keep that aliveness.

But that means you don’t always get along.

The relationship is not always seem so stable.

But the real price to pay – you will definitely have fights, a lot of fights.
It will cause you and your lover tremendous stress from time to time. It will cause massive interruptions and disruptions to almost every single part of your life.

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And at times you will feel like you might even lose your lover.
In every interaction and every decision you make, Everything you do, say or focus on, it is taking you down one of these roads.

My question to you is…

Which road are you going down?

Which direction is actually going to add most value to you and your lover?

And would you rather your lover be dead inside

Or have the passion and excitement but also the possibility of losing them?

NEWPolaroid David

I’m D. Shen from Commitment Triggers, I hope you choose wisely.

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Very good read. Beautiful and true. People sometimes use one another as a cover to stop exploring and they die a little more inside. Passion is life and life is passion. Thank you for writing

Pooja Pophale

Thank you David.That’s why between gender equality and sexual polarity;I choose polarity.

J.a. Ct

The fighting suggested in this video is due to growth or lack of it. This is why it is important that both people are afforded the space to grow individually and as a couple. If one person grows without the other sans effort, the relationship is dead.

“Situations do not change, we change”- Henry David Thoreau


Why dont you write a bigger post on this subject?i think this is the most important element on a relationship:polarity!!!i have to give a real life example,to avoid at any cost!!!
-the couple has been together for 20 years
-the man is masculine
-the woman has nothing feminine on her appearance or her behaviour(masculine voice,masculine laugh,hair and clothes “just out of bed” all the time)
-the woman follows everywhere!
-the man starts cheating emotionally and physically
-the woman starts to stalk and control
-the man feels trapped
-and so on……


I watched it twice and it deeply get into my mind.
I know you meant keeping passion is very challenging but worth it, right?
Thanks David! I will keep going on.:)


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