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April 2018

One Word That Makes You More High Value

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The 1 word that instantly makes you more high value There’s one single word that would make you instantly more valuable in the eyes of everyone if you use it correctly. However if you don’t use it correctly, then it might just backfire on you. So can you guess what that one word is? Let’s find out… Hey it’s D….

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3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Trust a Man’s Words

By | Blog | 10 Comments

There are 3 very important reasons why you should never trust a man’s words. (Since I’ve seen too many women blindly holding onto a man’s words and ultimately being let down over and over…) Look, here’s the truth… There are plenty of men around you who are sweet talkers or smooth talkers… They’d say what you want to hear just…

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What Exactly is Feminine Radiance?

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What exactly is feminine radiance and why is it important to you? See… whenever I’m asked about feminine radiance, I think about this woman who works as a barista at a local cafe that I frequent. This woman isn’t stick thin like you would expect of a Victoria Secret model. She doesn’t have pure blemish free skin like those women…

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