Online Dating vs Real Life Dating; 3 Reasons Online Is Better for Women

I know what you’re probably thinking, online dating sucks. For the most part, I agree. It’s so superficial, no one gives a damn, it’s basically a meat market.

And there just seems to be so many duds.

It’s like looking through the discount rack of the discount shop.
It’s like dumpster diving for the best piece of garbage.

It’s like… Alright, I’ll stop.

Look, here’s the thing. In this day and age, it’s not always easy to meet someone in real life.
We are all super busy people. You and I, we have **** to do right?

So there are huge advantages to online dating. So let’s take the time right now to explore the 3 reasons why online dating is better than flesh dating, real life dating, face to face dating.

I was inspired to make this video because of a post by one of our group members on Facebook. She posted this…

“Just thought I’d share my thoughts on dating apps. Mainly b/c I’ve seen several women on here say they don’t use them & I think they may have had bad experience but not using them you could be missing some great guys.

Initially I didn’t like the idea at all & wanted to meet someone “naturally”, IRL. 6 months later I’d had interest 1 or 2 guys who pursued me but what transpired was totally inappropriate.

Many decent men do not approach women; it’s more the confident player types who do. I find meeting online & getting them to call me allows me to access their intellect, personality, interests before meeting them. IRL the few men who ever approach me turn out to be in relationships or massive players.

I also used to waste a lot of time and energy going out hoping to attract male attention which feels quite desperate and I’d be sad if I didn’t get any. Online dating puts me in control.”

I was so glad she made this post because it had confirmed many ideas I already had in my mind.

Of course no doubt there are benefits from meeting someone in real life, as the connection you can make potentially is a lot deeper in real life. There’s the added element of eye contact, body language and the tone of your voice, etc.

However, time has certainly changed.

People are getting busier and busy people don’t often like to be interrupted or make the time to connect. That’s just how it is.

So if you’re single right now, it’s important to embrace online dating and it’s important to do it right. We’ll talk about that a bit later on.

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For now here are 3 great reasons why online dating is better than real life “flesh” dating.

Number 1. It allows you to not only get a feel for who the man is and where he is at emotionally but more importantly it allows you to potentially weed him out before ever spending any time in real life with him.

This weeding out process is important because you as a woman, have an innate feminine bias of attaching too early. (Nothing wrong with that, but just know it’s there.)

As a woman, you will always need to know when to weed out the wrong types of men, and ideally do it quickly before your natural feminine bias kicks in.  

online dating is better

Number 2. As the lady posted, the only types of men who tend to approach in real life in this day and age tend to be players (or men in relationships). And that was an interesting observation.

See, I want you to understand that there has been a massive culture shift in the last 5-10 years.

In this post-Tinder world, waiting for a man to come along is not a solution anymore. If you haven’t noticed, men don’t need to, want to or have to initiate anymore. Men are as passive as ever.

(That’s not to say that men are all duds, it’s not really their fault. They are reacting to the greater culture that we all live in.)

Our culture has completely changed, and as such, it changes the dynamics between men and women.

There is no room to be passive. That doesn’t mean you have to go and ask men out. Being proactive means you also have to adapt and evolve with the culture that we live in.

Online dating is a great tool to get the ball rolling, and rolling fast. It’s a tool that also allows you to meet, connect and attract high value men if you knew what you were doing.

Number 3. Time.

I don’t want you to waste any more time because time waits for no-one. Time is never on anyone’s side.

As the lady who posted that above, she spent 6 months with only 1 or 2 potential guys who both ended up to be the wrong types of men. That is absolutely devastating!

See, in online dating, you could have weeded those 2 guys out within the first 10 minutes. (If you do it right!)

And then, NEXT!

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This is exactly why I can see SO much potential in online dating, especially for you as a woman. As we always say, relationship is the domain of the feminine.

…And you as a woman, you are the keeper of that domain. You need to know how to weed out the wrong types of men. Out of 10 men you match online, chances are only one or two of those 10 will be worth talking to. You want to weed out the rest so that you don’t waste your time sniffing up the wrong tree.

Look, here’s what I believe.

I believe it’s possible to forge a deep connection online. I believe it’s very possible to establish emotional attraction with a man you just met online.

But it will take you knowing how to do online dating properly, otherwise it will leave you exhausted, burnt out, and your self esteem through the floor.

The most important skill you need in online dating is the skill of High Value Banter. Because this is literally the only way, the only method of establishing emotional attraction through online dating as well as helping you weed out the wrong types of men.

…And yes there are many wrong types of men you need to watch out for.

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Roland Kanarius
Roland Kanarius

Indeed, the reason why we men are “as passive as ever” and that “Many decent men do not approach women; it’s more the confident player types who do” is NOT because men “don’t need to, want to or have to initiate anymore”. Online dating is ineffective for the big majority of men, but is presented as an apex fallacy, as if what applies to a very few men who can use online dating as a cornucopia is true for all men. Instead there are two reasons why those quotes in my first paragraph are true: 1) Men who are more… Read more »

Roland Kanarius
Roland Kanarius

I tried to edit this passage into my other comment, but I could not edit it in anymore. I will put it in citation marks, this is meant to be read after my other comment. “So in summary, we men are not asocial, unfeeling robots who are unaffected by the culture or our own sentiment, nor do we come out of the womb with telepathic abilities or genetic software that automatically develops us into experts with women. And unfortunately, more demeaning or kneejerk blaming of men won’t fix it, it will instead just keep contributing to quotes like “Many decent… Read more »

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