3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Trust a Man’s Words

There are 3 very important reasons why you should never trust a man’s words.

(Since I’ve seen too many women blindly holding onto a man’s words and ultimately being let down over and over…)

Look, here’s the truth…

There are plenty of men around you who are sweet talkers or smooth talkers…

They’d say what you want to hear just so they can get what they want from you. (Sounds familiar?)

The thing is, it was never about the words in the first place. It’s about understanding something much deeper than his words.

So here’s a video I made for you on this…

Let’s discuss these 3 reasons why you should never trust a man’s words

First reason: Words are cheap, very cheap!

Let me ask you this… How easy is it for a man to say something he doesn’t truly mean?

As human beings, we all rely on our words to communicate, yet it only counts as 8% of all forms of communication. (ie… rest is tonality and body language.)

So words are really the easiest form of manipulation that we all have access to.

Many very smart scientists have even concluded that the reason why we have such big brains is to have the ability to deceive others. (Think about that for a moment.)

So remember, words are not just easy, they are also cheap. It literally costs nothing to say things that you don’t mean or say things to get what you want.

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Second reason: It’s easy to get sucked into the right words

Guess who tends to use the right words?

Yup, men who are smooth talkers! And they’re so good at saying the right things at the right time because they’ve had a lot of practice!

So men who are smooth talkers, are the ones who are full of masks that they wear.

You have to test them, prod them and peel those masks off to really see who they are and to know if they mean what they say or will do what they say.

Women who easily fall prey to these smooth talkers are most often those who feel deprived of something, whether that is attention, praise, or connection.

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Third reason: By trusting a man’s words, there’s a tendency to turn a blind eye to his actions.

Isn’t that right?

When you hold on to his words, you naturally turn a blind eye on his actions, his habits and his intent.

But why is it so easy to hold onto words?

It’s because words are tangible. It’s something you can believe in and rely on because he said so.

But remember, words are cheap and you should never believe them easily.

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So what should you do when you can’t trust a man’s words wholeheartedly?

The key is to put your trust and your instinct to your man’s actions, behaviors, habits and intent.

And to do that you have to dig deeper to know who this man really is. Know what kind of a person he is beyond the mask he’s wearing.

The question to ask really is this:

Are his actions, behaviours, intent and habits congruent to his words?

Is this man congruent in his ways???

How do you tell?

Get him out of his routine and find ways to strip him off his mask, routines and shells.

Then hit him with tough questions!

You can also test him with questions like…

“What would you rather have- a billion dollars or fall in love for the rest of your life”?

We’re trying to find out who this man really is so don’t be afraid to ask him tough questions if you have them.

The goal is to push him to reveal his true self and his intentions.

Is this man congruent in his ways???

Are his words congruent with his actions, behaviour and intent?

Alright, that’s it from me.

What I want you to do now is to send in your tough questions that you want to ask your man. Comment it in the comment section and let’s discuss it!

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Lee D
Lee D

Hi tgere, IYour Understanding Men program was immensely valuable! Thank you! My question is this, whenever I tried to ask questions of this kind, my bf of 3 years considers himself funny..so always diverts with jokes or a play on words so I don’t usually get a serious answer. I don’t want to make it serious or obvious so I don’t pressure for an answer. He is not impulsive, his actions show how much he cares but I can’t get deeper answers most of the time. He is impulsive with answers usually when he’s angry or defensive, so how do… Read more »


Excellent video Please give me some questions o test a man I would like to have more videos The 2 min video is nice but too short maybe 10 min video would be good so we can have more information Some topics 1. How to be show up as high class high value so you attract high class high value men 2. When you meet a man and he is interested how much and what should you share about yourself and how to keep him wanting more, pursuing you.wanting to see you more and spend time with you. 3 How… Read more »


Tough question I ask: tell me about your faith.


Being the recipient of some lovely sweet talking, I actually brought up the fact that the timing of certain flowery sentiments occurred after “challenging” conversations (to dilute?distract?derail? emotional adversity?) I commented that to be so free with…let’s be honest… over-the-top arse kissing, one must have certainly had to have put in a lot of practice, practice, practice! My question to him was (during a tell-all? re: past failed relationships) > What did he feel was his part in the détérioration of the relationships? & in considering each, did he see a pattern of his behavior, his part, 2B a reoccurring… Read more »


It is a good time to be an older woman. All these lying little suckers are idiots. Who would want to hook up with a con artist? Gross.


On the one hand the billion dollar question is a good question if you ask it after you’ve been in a relationship for about a year but on the outset of a relationship idk. I wouldn’t trust a man that’d answer “love” off the bat (cuz its not very maculine) cuz *I* couldn’t say that with a straight face. I know the feeling of be wiiling to choose a person over a billion dollars but I’ve watched it pass away on multiple occasions after it became clear it wasn’t reciprocated. So I can’t think like that right now though I… Read more »


You can’t trust anyone not disconnected from Matrix, full stop .

If you think you can , you’re not awake


This guy I dated for over two months said he is ready and he sees me in his future and he wanted to commit. I asked him what he meant by see me in his future and he said being committed to me. Well we broke up last week, he did with me because a few trust issues were coming up. He kept telling me it’s fine but when push came to shove when something came up again, he said please go home tonight I need some space and the next day some girl convinced him I was stalking her.… Read more »


Hi there, so I would like to philosophise a little. If I shouldn’t trust a mans words, do I need to talk that much? If it is only action that counts, what are the actions to take. I don’t like the idea of testing a man. I like to follow my gut feeling and I want to trust with a guilty conscious mindset. And isn’t it like this that feelings are changing constantly and thats why our words our communication changes?

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