Does High Value Banter Work On Every Single Man?

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So since I’ve released this free class, many of our subscribers and fans have been getting great results with it. But there are certain times where certain men don’t respond positively to your banter.

This post will explain why.

So… does High Value Banter work on every single man?

Absolutely not! (and thank God)

Some men may have never had this type of playful interaction before and they won’t know what to do. The men who have been abused all their lives may even find this intimidating. Some jaded men may think you’re playing “mind games”.

This High Value Banter that I teach, may even throw some men off their own “game”. And frankly some men are too far “gone”. (…They’re dead inside.)

Would you really want to have a relationship with someone who’s dead inside?

(Here’s an article my wife and I wrote on How To Use Playful Banter With Men.)

Now: here’s something important to understand.

Playfulness is the precursor for any level of emotional attraction. In other words, you need to have some levels of playfulness in order for any emotional attraction to be created and felt.

Very often, when you don’t feel a spark with someone, the biggest thing missing is that playfulness.

(Sometimes it’s easy to get nervous, awkward and tense around someone new, especially for you as a woman as safety can be a huge factor there.)

What I truly love about High Value Banter is that if you do it right, it will naturally help you filter out the wrong types of men. All you have to do is be attuned to how they respond to your High Value Banter.

I don’t care how tall dark and Jason Momoa looking a man is, if he doesn’t respond well to your High Value Banter, then that’s a really bad sign.

It could mean that he’s really not attuned to what you’re saying. It could mean that he’s running his own “script” to try to “pick you up”. It could mean that he’s secretly a serial killer looking for easy prey.

(Possible I guess.)

Any man who values the connection and attraction between you and him, will WANT to play along with the banter that you lead with. They may not have the right “comebacks”, or be as smart in their responses, but they would want to play along.

That’s what you’re looking for.

Because emotional attraction is the most important element in the whole universe. Well, at least in the universe of intimate relationships. Without that emotional chemistry, romantic relationships would never form, ever.

And so the very first step to that process of a romantic relationship is playfulness. Playfulness should be the very first filter that men have to pass through, not their looks, their occupation, status, etc.

(OK, looks may score extra points if it was Jason Momoa…)

So thank GOD that not every man will respond positively to your High Value Banter.

Again, if you haven’t attended my free class on High Value Banter, click here to do so. This is the most important skill you need as a woman, if you’re single or seeing someone. I promise this one concept of High Value Banter will change the whole game for you.

D. Shen Commitment Triggers

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