Why Should Men Commit To You When You’ll Just Get Old And Wrinkly?

Why should men commit to you when you’ll just get old and wrinkly?

No, think about it.

Really… why should men commit to any woman when that woman will just get old and wrinkly?

This isn’t meant to be depressing, and this is certainly not to encourage you to get Botox.

But I think this is a serious question.

I’m not saying though that you are not enough.

I’m also not saying you won’t be enough in the future.

Deep down inside, you are always enough.

I would never question that.

In this video, I want you to start seeing relationships from a completely different perspective, to hopefully add some insights and value to you.

Let’s get started

Hey it’s D. Shen here the founder of Commitment Triggers and Shen Wade Media where we teach you how to show up as a high value high status woman, who easily inspires a deep sense of emotional commitment from men.

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate chance of stumbling across a male dominated, women bashing forum in the dark corners of the inter-webs, you’d find men of different backgrounds not just complaining about women, but blaming women, and spewing their toxic resentment for women all over these forums.

And, inevitably, these men come to the conclusion that relationships are a scam, women are evil – because they just want to take and take, until you have nothing left.

I mean some of them even rationalise that hiring prostitutes regularly would be cheaper in the long run than having a real girlfriend or a wife.

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I mean, really?

Think about that, think about what kind of life experiences this type of person had to have gone through in order to believe that, right?

That’s how little they perceive value from actually relating to women. Mostly, I’d imagine because they’ve had habitually negative interactions with women.

Take a moment to really think about the mentality of these men, and really appreciate where the are actually coming from, even when these thoughts are so toxic.

That doesn’t mean I agree with what they’re saying, but I really want you to appreciate where they’re coming from.

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There’s always value in trying to understand those whom you despise the most

That’s where you’re going to realise the biggest insights, your biggest awareness and breakthroughs.

What kind of pain and what kind of suffering they must have gone through in order to not just think it, but to believe it so much as to write it publicly on the internet.

Now I’m sure there’s a similar dark corner of the web where women talk about men in the same light.

So this is certainly not one sided.

And also to add to these existing toxic beliefs, men know intuitively that a woman’s looks will fade over time. No matter how beautiful a woman is, she’ll get old one day, she’ll get wrinkly. It’s scary probably.

Now I know it’s scary as a woman to know that and feel that, I can completely understand, especially in this day and age where the process of ageing is marketed as this evil force, rather than a beautiful and natural progression of life.

You may have even asked yourself the question of… what would ever inspire a man to want to stay with me long term, when I’m just going to get old and there are other endless possibilities? Where there’s always someone younger, fresher and new?

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Let me tell you exactly what would inspire a man to stay with you long term

It’s your radiance and your energy.

When a man falls in love with a woman, it’s because he falls in love with her radiance and her energy.

For a man to want to be with you long term, it’s because of your radiance and your energy.

It’s not your amazing ability to get things done, it’s not about your skills in the kitchen or the bedroom, it’s not your business skills.

It’s your energy and radiance.

Now I know this can sound a little esoteric sometimes, so let me put it this way.

For a man to invest in you emotionally, for the long run, he needs to feel that the value of your radiance and your energy will increase over time.

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An investment that goes up in value, would make a decent investment.

And an investment that decreases in value, would make it a bad investment.

That’s obvious.

In other words, you want to become a woman whom increases in your value over time.

You want to be a woman that appreciates in value over time.

No matter how much we try to block it out, we all know that a woman’s physical looks will fade.

It is absolutely inevitable. But the good news is, physical looks doesn’t equal to radiance.

And the truth is, a man doesn’t see your looks as much as he feels your radiance anyway, so don’t worry.

A woman of any age can be radiant beyond words.

And there’s plenty of older women that are way more radiant than some of their younger counterparts.

high value women group

So the question is: How Do You Appreciate In Value Over Time?

Well, first of all, start with treating yourself as an investment rather than a body and a mind to exploit.

I’ll give you an example…

I used to know a young woman who used to drink vodka on the couch on the weekends, until she didn’t know what day of the week it was.

(I’ve got nothing against drinking, but if you keep doing it over and over again as a method or as a mechanism to escape, then you might want to look for better answers.)

Because by abusing her body, that young woman was taking value from her body, over and over and over.

Not to mention, also taking value from her mental and emotional well being.

It’s like withdrawing funds from a bank account that has only limited funds. Eventually, you’re going to run out of money, and then it’s too late.

So instead of always withdrawing, you want to make more deposits than withdrawals.

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And by the way, not all abuse comes from alcohol, and not all abuse is physical either.

A lot of time, we emotionally abuse ourselves. We emotionally take from ourselves.

We create addictions for ourselves, as a way to escape and in the process, take from ourselves without really thinking about it.

Adding value to yourself isn’t always the most intuitive thing to do

It takes a little bit of long term vision, rather than short term pleasure.

Sometimes it takes discipline, but you need to do it in order to grow in value as a woman, and as an individual.

You may not notice any changes overnight, but this small change, this small decision, will leave you in a totally different place, months and years from now.

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So get yourself into the habit of adding value to yourself.

Now I really want you to think of it this way, I want you to become a woman that appreciates in value over time.

And what’s the first thing you can do to make sure that you appreciate in value over time?

Start appreciating, literally.

I mean really start appreciating. Maybe that’s why the word appreciate actually has these 2 specific meanings.

What you appreciate, appreciates in value.

When you perceive and appreciate the value in your life, then you’ll have more value within yourself to offer others.

When you appreciate your own radiance, it grows.

That’s right, when you appreciate your own radiance, it grows.

Sometimes we don’t focus on appreciation, until it’s all lost or gone. But the problem is, it’ is usually too late by then.

So for now, imagine for a moment, you have nothing.

Just imagine this… No radiance, no looks, no money, no family, no friends, no way to communicate, and no health.

How would life feel?

Now come back and tell me, how much do you have in your life right now, that you can truly be appreciative of, right now in this moment?

Even the smallest of things.

Appreciate that your heart is beating for you right now, and every other moment of the day, whether you’re happy or sad, it’s there beating for you.

Appreciate that your body keeps you warm, even on the coldest of nights.

Appreciate that you get to share this moment with the rest of this planet, on this little floating rock called the Earth.

And from that place of appreciation, there will be more of you to give.  From that place of appreciation, your energy will become irresistible.

And guess what would actually happen if you started to appreciate men for all the stupid, crazy, unexplained things that they do?

Let me tell you what would happen, a whole new world will emerge for you.

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Because what you appreciate, appreciates in value

Again, this doesn’t mean that you need to stick around men who have negative and destructive behaviour.

You can still appreciate something that you don’t want to be a part of. You can still appreciate something that you are far away from.

And that appreciation will not only give you a deeper understanding of men, love and relationships, it will also allow you to become a higher value woman now and forever.

D. Shen Commitment Triggers

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By the way, while you’re at it, connect with me on social media.

P.P.S. Now let me tell you this, there will probably be nothing more difficult to appreciate in your life than to appreciate men.

Why is that? Because they are the opposite of you.

Because men don’t intuitively think, feel and behave like women.

Because men aren’t driven by the same forces as women.

Because men have a totally different relationship timeline to women.

Now, I would love to share with you more on the psychology and behaviours of men.

It’s a fascinating world that I believe will change your paradigm forever.

If you’re interested, here’s the link, where you can click and you can come on a journey with me, to truly understand and master the area of men, love and relationships.

But for now, really, start to appreciate all the small things, all the little things that you’ve been taking for granted.

And leave me a comment below and share with all of us, what have you been taking for granted that you need to appreciate right now, and what habits will you take on in order to add value to yourself on a regular basis, from now on.

Alright so go and do that… and of course, remember, what you appreciate, appreciates in value.

Alright, I’ll talk to you very soon.

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Well,is this a follow up to “how to show up as high value high status”? As to what I will start to appreciate is the follwing: -my toxic ex friends boys and girls and current friends,who won’t stop criticise everyone and everything as I know now they do it from a place of fear of not being enough -my weird relatives as they are just weird and there is nothing I can do about it,just love them as they are -and myself of course for being who I am:crazy caring and radiant!!! As to how to add value to myself… Read more »

Ana Casas
Ana Casas

I loved the mug!!! Respect Femininity, you guys are awesome 😀

Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson

From a fly on the wall perspective, I really feel bad for women. There is about 15 years that a woman has to attract a male. From 15-30, as long as they are reasonably good looking, they are overran with attention from men of all ages. Their heads are filled with compliment after compliment and they lavish in the seeming unnatural amount of attention. Because of this, most do not work to become attractive to the man they will eventually marry. Tattoos, piercings, slutty dress, slutty behavior is rewarded by men by lots of short term attention, but not respect.… Read more »


Why should men want us if we will just become old and wrinkly ? I wondered that myself since men never get wrinkly . They never get fat. They never go bald. Men never do those things so I wondered why they dated other human beings who do eventually get wrinkled. You sounded like a Low Value Man with this nonsense right there.


this is the most amazing article i have ever read!!!!! thank you so much for your work!!!!!!!!


This is just a beautiful stance to take on life in general and feel happy and loving towards others. Thank you for sharing it in such an articulate and gentle way to us all!

Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko


Susie Lima
Susie Lima

I honestly feel one of the most significant ways I have increased my value as a woman has been taking your course Understanding Men and following your advice for years now. It has really helped me gain an entirely new perspective and I am creating a fantastic life for myself now with an amazing man that adores me. I am so grateful for your programs and the info you both are putting out in the world – I love you two! Thank you so much!!


From my 30 years of experience in several longer relationships and having kids, commitment is a tough thing in general. When you love a man and give them too much attention, they normally flee and get scared. The same might be with woman, but not as common. If I focused on my own interests and myself, my boyfriends started to seek for more attention. So, I think this balance between giving and taking, solitude and joint activities is crucial in a longer relationship (over 5 years). And, people get bored of their day to day life, both men and woman.… Read more »


And I suppose men don’t get old and wrinkly as well? Bald and heavy? Don’t think that men get better with age.
It is actually sick how you think that women get worse over the years and that physical looks even is a topic here as if it is a womans highest asset.

There are plenty of “older” women that look fantastic, just like there are older men that look hideous. So don’t act all high and mighty. Everything depends on how you take care of yourself.

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