The Only Thing You Need for Confidence

The only thing you need to be confident as a woman for the rest of your life

There’s only one thing you need to know if you want to be confident for the rest of your life.

No, it’s not about fake it ’til you make it.

No, it’s not about working on yourself so that you have everything under control and there are no more weaknesses. Because ultimately life is vulnerable.

It’s not about manifesting some sort of altered reality.

It’s not even about healing your inner child.

If you want to know what this one thing is, listen carefully.

This is important.

I have seen so many people walk down this path, and i don’t want you to chase unicorns.

The truth is…

The more you focus on pursuing this idea of inner confidence, the more you end up becoming arrogant, egotistical and somewhat deluded.

The pursuit for confidence is always an empty chase.

Here’s why…

As long as you’re trying to pursue confidence, you will need to have everything under control. So You end up becoming a semi control freak.

…Because ultimately what it is that you want is a sense of certainty. As long as you have that sense of certainty, you can feel good.

Unfortunately, here’s the bad news:

You can’t control everything. You can’t control all the events in your life you can’t control who comes into your life or leaves your life.

In fact, if we’re honest, you and I can agree that we can’t control very much at all in this world.

So the only other way to control things is to make your world smaller.

If we can minimise everything and shrink our sphere of focus then we have more perceived control.

But in the process, we stop being attuned to others, and block out other people’s thoughts, feelings and agendas.

And the problem with that is, it quickly disconnects you to other people, because you’re focused on whom? Yourself, right?

And if you’re single, then that means you’re projecting an energy that may repel others who may otherwise be interested in striking up a conversation with you.

So confidence is not something I want you to pursue. Confidence will come as a side effect of what I’m about to share with you.

…Because ultimately what we all want is to feel comfortable and worthy within our own skin… right?

That’s the true feeling we want, rather than some external symbol of confidence.

Sometimes in search of confidence we try to copy others who we think are confident, so we walk like them, we talk like them.

These are the types of external symbols I’m talking about but in the end they don’t mean anything.

You can’t fake your way to true confidence. You can’t fake your way to feeling worthy.

So let me tell you the secret.

Are you ready?

When you know for certain that you have value to add, that you have value to bring to the metaphorical table, then you will automatically have a sense of self esteem, worth and confidence.

That’s how you become comfortable in your own skin.

In other words, the more value you are able to bring to more people, the more you’re going to realise “Ah… I am truly valuable”.

I don’t have to artificially convince myself that i’m worthy, because the world is giving me positive feedback.

So your job is to learn to bring as much value to as many different types of tables as possible.

That’s how you will become truly confident a sense of confidence that no one can take away because you’ve earned it through the value you’re able to give.

But here’s the challenge.

Different people perceive value differently.

Men perceive value differently to women.

A 20 year old man will value differently to a 40 year old man.

So there are all these variables and that’s no bad. It’s our job to explore what value is to other people, especially people who are not like us.

To be high value, we have to understand what is value to the other person first. It’s not about us, it’s about them and what value is to them.

That’s why many years ago before we had kids, Renee & I coined the term, high value woman. But nowadays, all these other people have showed up and have twisted the meaning of what that term really means.

And yes it’s frustrating. And I want to set this record straight.

Anyhow when it comes to love, attraction and relationships, there are certain traits of women that men value more than others.

The more you embody these traits, the more value you will have to bring to the table in the eyes of men.

In other words, the more you embody these traits, the more men will perceive you as a high value woman.

It’s not about having confidence.

It’s about value.

I don’t want you to be a confident women, I want you to become an ultimately valuable woman.

Remember, confidence is an empty chase.

So with that said let me share with you a secret project I’ve been working on…

It’s a DVD called 8 traits, the 8 high value traits that men routinely fall in love with.

Now this isn’t finished yet, but if you want to secure yourself a copy for free when it’s released, then let me know.

Leave me a comment below and just tell me, “YES I want a copy”.

I’m not sure exactly when it’s going to be released, but I know Christmas is coming soon and we are all busy so this won’t be ready until next year.

With this DVD, I want to set the record straight as to what it really means to show up as a high value woman to men.

Once again, leave a comment below and just tell me, “YES I want a copy” and yes I want to learn these 8 high value traits that men routinely fall in love with”.

Alright that’s all from me.

Remember, don’t chase confidence become a woman of value and value will come back to you multiplied.

D. Shen Commitment Triggers

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Yes, I would like a copy please.


Yes I want a copy.


Yes, I want a copy


Have there been jacks on your site? I have received emails that don’t look like emails you have sent. I unsubscribed to the last one because I thought it might be a hack, however i want to make sure it was not from your site. I want to receive email from you!!

Thao Truong
Thao Truong

Yes. I want a copy. Thank you.


Yes I want a copy


Yes,I would like a copy.Thank you so much for sharing it for free,when most people are trying to fool others and make money out of them.Hope your team and you have a wonderful and Blessed Life ahead! !

mingcmi“YES I want a copy” and yes I want to learn
mingcmi“YES I want a copy” and yes I want to learn

YES I want a copy and yes I want to learn these 8 high value traits that men routinely fall in love with.


Yes I want a copy.


Yes, I want a copy of the 8 High Value Traits that Men routinely fall in Love With, please

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