What Exactly is Feminine Radiance & Why You Need It As a woman

See… whenever I’m asked about feminine radiance, I think about this woman who works as a barista at a local cafe that I frequent.

This woman isn’t stick thin like you would expect of a Victoria Secret model.

She doesn’t have pure blemish free skin like those women on Nivea commercials.

Her hair isn’t always nicely washed and blow dried.

But every time a customer walks up to the counter to order a coffee, she has an energy about her that lights people up.

To me, that is what feminine radiance is all about. It’s all about your energy. It’s about a sense of presence.

This woman has this mesmerizing energy that draws people in. And because of that, she is an absolute joy to be around.

People love to be around her because her energy lifts everyone up.

So why is feminine radiance so important?

Well, let me illustrate it for you by using an analogy.

I want you to imagine a man who has everything. He has the money, the status, the looks. He has all the friends he could ever wish for, but he doesn’t feel confident deep down inside.

He’s uncertain, he’s afraid and not sure of himself.

Of course, if you were to meet this man, the first thing you’d notice is the lack of confidence. It’s not the money, it’s not the looks or the status, it’s the lack of confidence. No amount of material possession or external validation can cover that up.

Think about how that would make you feel as a woman… would you find that attractive? I mean, good looks, money and status are all great things, don’t get me wrong, but the confidence isn’t there.

Let’s create a contrast… a man who has virtually nothing, but he knows himself and he owns himself. Feel the type of energy you would get from this man as opposed to the previous man. It’s very different right?

(This is why my wife and I often say that a broke or jobless man can still be high value!)

And because of that difference in energy, it creates a very different attraction response from you.

Radiance for a woman is as important as confidence is for a man.

Let me say that again…

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Radiance is for women as confidence is for men

Radiance for a woman is as important as confidence is for a man.

A woman with the perfect looks, the perfect body, makeup, clothes and the perfect group of friends… is nothing if she has no inner radiance. Sure, she may look “attractive” in photos, but that’s pretty much all that she’s good for.

When it comes to your intimate relationship, a woman with no radiance won’t have what it takes to inspire a man to fall in love with her and take care of her.

Just as a man with no confidence won’t have what it takes to make women swoon.

feminine radiance

So your radiance is endlessly powerful. Renee and I have even published a whole program called, “Triple Your Radiance” because we believe that as a feminine soul, your sense of radiance is one of your most powerful assets when it comes to love and relationships with men.

And as you may already know, men don’t fall in love with your achievements, your looks or even your intelligence, but rather men fall in love with a woman’s energy.

Ultimately, as men, we respond to the energy of a woman. We get drawn into the energy of a woman. We want to commit to a woman who is generous with her energy and her emotions, whether that is joy or pain.

As men, we become mesmerised by women who have this sense of radiance and aliveness in her because that’s what the masculine soul craves for.

We want that aliveness in our lives because life as a masculine soul is rather dead. Everything in the masculine realm is a means to an end, so we need that feminine aliveness to give our masculine lives meaning and ultimately have something to fight for.

See, we can’t always control how objectively attractive we are, but your feminine radiance as a woman, just as confidence for us men, is in our full control.

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How you show up tomorrow, what energy you show up with, is always 100% in your control.

Your radiance is endlessly powerful.

So as much as you may have the desire to want to become more attractive I want you to focus on becoming more radiant as a woman and as a feminine soul.

That is where you will be able to access much more of your innate strength, wisdom and resourcefulness as a woman.

I hope that resonated with you and leave me a comment to share with me your stories and experiences with femininity and radiance.

D. Shen Commitment Triggers

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Love your video ❤️
Please post more


Carolyne F
Carolyne F

Hi D Shen (Mr! haha,well done!) and Renee Oh wow, you two REALLY STAND OUT in the online ‘education for women re relationships and femininity for me because of the ‘no RUBBISH’ accurate, deeply thoughtout information you share and present for the whole World to see free of charge. Of course I understand you want to get us to purchase, enjoy and grow from your programmes, but you don’t do that ‘SO LAST DECADE’ approach to online marketing where you read through or supposedly get the ‘answer’ from an AMAZING video only to find it is pseudo-education/more advertorial in the… Read more »

L b
L b

How do you be radiant, ?


As a man I love this and think D. Shen is spot on.


Is having feminine radiance means to change yourself into a bubbly and cheerful personality? How can a woman with calm demeanor be radiant?

Colleen Keating
Colleen Keating

What happens when your radiance (or light) draws in the vampires? What happens when on the other side of that radiance there is a pile of baggage? What happens when you just are not sure if you are relationship material and you continue to struggle to become what it is you want?

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